First Show Success

A Night to Remember

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the first show sponsored by @Curated479.

The show was a hit, and I’m happy to say there will be many more shows to come in the upcoming future. I myself also indulged in this night, and I’m glad I was able to see first hand how people enjoyed themselves.

Doors + Openers

From the start of the night we had people rushing in. We sold a good amount of tickets beforehand, and had a good feeling about the turnout that night.

To start off, Derte really set the tone for the night and got the crowd moving. From there out it only got more and more intense.

This venue is lovely for the fact that the performances feel so intimate. Since there is no real platform or stage to separate the crowd from the artist, everyone ends up shifting around and enjoying the music.


The special guest openers were the band Hause Plants. I met this band on a random encounter at a bar, and I knew that they would bring the energy.

They came straight from Portugal to give a hell of a performance. Their first song actually started the crowd surfing for the night. They started off with their song Melissa Smith (I Used To Make Out With), which is one of my favorites.

 Photo of Hause Plants I captured


Serrated Edge then took the stage right after and continued with the same amount of energy. There was not one moment for the crowd to let down. Blake (lead singer for Serrated Edge) even managed to surf himself, as seen in the picture below.

Candid shot of Blake captured by @Juamilo78


After that, Malice K's music was up next. Every song he played had the crowd in a mosh pit. He eventually jumped straight into the mosh pit himself and let the crowd carry him around. I was ecstatic to hear his song Back into it, and I was not disappointed. I got to mosh with him and sing with the crowd.

Another photo by @Juamilo78 of the crowd enjoying Malice K's Set

There were only two set's left to go after this. Impound was the second to last to preform. The 5 of the band were phenomenal and had an amazing set as expected.

I always enjoy hearing their songs Flight and Animales live. It feels so great to hear live. Me and many others had a fun time in the mosh pit song after song. They were the perfect band to build up the crowd for the headliners.

Photo I was able to snap of Impound


Lastly, The Tarrys were on. The crowd was ready and still had energy to give. The Tarrys preformed new unreleased songs to tease their upcoming project.

Some of their new songs had people singing along without even knowing the lyrics! They of course played some their hits, such as Utopia, Sandpit, and Ocean Wav. People came running into the pit as soon as they heard the riff to Utopia.

The band really gave their all, especially the lead singer Kevin. He sang with so much passion and energy. He even threw himself into the mosh pit for the last song. The Tarrys definitely gave the audience what they came for.

Photo of (@jsimoes95) crowdsurfing to The Tarrys

If you want to see some of the songs The Tarrys preformed, they recently uploaded some of their live songs onto youtube. I helped record some, and would love for everyone to check it out!

The link for their preformance is linked right below here:

Shout out to all of the artist that were able to make this show a success!

The performers that night include:

Derte (@Dertesounds),

Our special guest openers Hause plants (@Hauseplants), (@daniwhizzbang), (@jantonions), (@jsimoes95),

Serrated Edge (@Serratededgeband),

Malice K (@Malice._K),

And the headliners 

Impound (@Impound203),

And lastly The Tarrys (@thetarrys)

Be on the lookout for our next show, and thank you again.

Till next time!


First Show Success