The Tarrys

Fast Approaching

Now that the show is fast approaching, I wanted to give a brief article dedicated to The Tarrys.

The Tarrys is a band that started in Danbury Connecticut. It's a small boring town that is very peaceful, and not known to many.


Band Origin

The band name is based off a local park that people hang out in and hike around. They would have band sesh and jam out every week and decided that it would be sick to shoutout where they came to be.

The parks name is Tarrywile park. It even features it's own haunted castle (Which is very typical for a Connecticut town).

The hometown love is there, and locals always come to show support at shows.

Pictured above are random pictures I've taken of the band

Band Mates

There are three people in this kickass band.

Kevin Sa is the bands leader, guitarist, and lead singer. I met Kevin in high school. I caught him trying to copy test answers off me, and we've been best friends ever since. I can't wait to see what he wears at the show Saturday. The way he dresses is always cool.

Portrait of Kevin at Tarrywile from who knows how long ago

Brandon plays the second guitar, but also plays the bass for the band. I've know this dude since elementary school. He is hilarious and very fun to hang out with. I still remember watching his vine skits and laughing a ton. Watching him shred the guitar is a treat. Be sure to keep your eye on his riff on Utopia.

Brandon pictured on the left

Then theres Ke'Shown, who plays the drums for the band. His passion for music is so pure. Ever since I've met him, I could see the music was a big part of him. I knew I would see him in a band eventually, and it's so exciting to be apart of his journey.



I've known these three personally for so long, so It's such an amazing thing to see them make such great music.

I love to take their pictures when I get the chance. I am very excited to be managing them, if you ever need a band just send me a message and we can figure something out.

See you Saturday, this show is going to rock.

- Cpg

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The Tarrys